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A Dog's Way Home: The Heartwarming Story of the Special Bond Between Man and Dog (English Edition) NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING ASHLEY JUDDFrom W Bruce Cameron, the author of A Dogs Purpose, the number one New York Times bestseller and major film comes a completely unforgettable adventure as one devoted dog makes her way homeWhen Lucas Ray rescued his puppy Bella he knew his life would change foreverSmuggling her into his building isn t easy, particularly with his prying neighbours, and Lucas decides to risk taking her to work The joy on the faces of the veterans in his hospital as Bella distributes her unique brand of comfort makes it all worth itBut then Bella is picked up by animal control and Lucas makes the heartbreaking decision to send her away Lucas hasn t understood Bella s feelings, though There might be hundreds of miles separating them but Bella wants her master and she is coming to find him A Dog s Way Home is a heartwarming story perfect for fans of Marley Me, A Street Cat Named Bob and The Art of Racing in the Rain

12 thoughts on “A Dog's Way Home: The Heartwarming Story of the Special Bond Between Man and Dog (English Edition)

  1. Lawrence Applebaum Lawrence Applebaum says:

    It was an excellent book from cover to cover.

  2. Baiba Auzina Baiba Auzina says:

    a good read

  3. Mr. K. F. W. Walker Mr. K. F. W. Walker says:

    Having just finished reading this book, I found it a very good read, purchased on Kindle , and although fiction, it was written in a very similar vein to those about Alfie the Cat written by Rachel Wells, and also

  4. Jet Jet says:

    I totally enjoyed this book It s written from the dog s point of view, which style I don t always like But the author does this so well in my opinion I couldn t stop reading it and was sad to get to the last page

  5. vanwin vanwin says:

    This writer is so good at dog stories, I just hope he keeps writing as I will buy them all.

  6. Kathy Pemberton Kathy Pemberton says:

    A charming and touching story and an imaginative depiction of a dog s mind.It was very convincing.The story is very gripping.

  7. Sylvie C Sylvie C says:

    It s amazing to find from this book how a dog s mind works and how loyal they are A lovely book.

  8. veebee veebee says:

    As an animal Lover this is a wonderful story I would highly recommend it Thank you

  9. carol arnall carol arnall says:

    I loved this story and read it in two sittings.

  10. issygo issygo says:


  11. Michael Michael says:

    Wonderful, heartfelt story, a must for dog lovers

  12. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    Very good story

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