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A Song Below Water Tavia Is Already At Odds With The World, Forced To Keep Her Siren Identity Under Wraps In A Society That Wants To Keep Her Kind Under Lock And Key Never Mind She S Also Stuck In Portland, Oregon, A City With Only A Handful Of Black Folk And Even Fewer Of Those With Magical Powers At Least She Has Her Bestie Effie By Her Side As They Tackle High School Drama, Family Secrets, And Unrequited CrushesBut Everything Changes In The Aftermath Of A Siren Murder Trial That Rocks The Nation The Girls Favorite Internet Fashion Icon Reveals She S Also A Siren, And The News Rips Through Their Community Tensions Escalate When Effie Starts Being Haunted By Demons From Her Past, And Tavia Accidentally Lets Out Her Magical Voice During A Police Stop No Secret Seems Safe Any Soon Portland Won T Be Either Although I am not one to judge a book by its cover, I must admit I fell in love with this one when I first saw it floating around Twitter Then I read the synopsis and thought mermaids and sirens, black girl magic and Bethany C Morrow, author of MEM WowThen I got scared Usually when I get this hyped for a book it does not live up to my high expectations I m sure you ve been there before too But I can assure you this book is everything it promises to be and then some Morrow speaks to the Black female experience in America in a way that not only speaks to the mature reader but is easy to process and appealing for young adults Tavia and Effie come alive off of the pages Just as real as any other teenaged girl navigating her way through adolescence They are strong, powerful and their sister love is so endearing You will definitely remember them long after you close the pages of this book Special thanks to NetGalley, Tor Teen, Tom Doherty Associates and Bethany C Morrow for advanced access to this book. Black sirens in a story about misogynoir set in an alternate Portland with an extremely pretty cover smashes my head into that want to read button Fantasy dances with racism, social justice, current politics Yes this is volatile and vivid combination and The author perfectly worked with this concoction and created a fast reading, powerful, captivating, one of the most interesting stories with well crafted and realistic characterization and thought provoking story telling.Two friends Tavia and Effie supports each other to survive at the metaphorical, wild jungle, dealing with too many things in their young age, family issues, past dramas, secrets, boiling anger against the unfairness and injustice They two black girls lives in Portland, attends the high school at the area It s already challenging to survive in the territory.And Tavia has a big secret to keep she has powers growing inside her She shouldn t tell anyone but also restrain herself not to attract any attention because the woman who magical powers and let s add to be black into the equation could be one of the most dangerous things at the world she s living Unfortunately it could be said the same for the shameful world we re living at, too But when a famous internet fashion icon is killed, everything gets out of control like Tavia s uncontrollable magical voice during a police stop Yes, nothing will be same for her from now on.This is so unique, original, dazzling, surprising, one of my fastest reading I never say no to a well written fantasy with The hate U give vibes Writing, pacing, characterization and conclusion worked so well for me I think I have to say we truly have a WINNER I m giving my five in the name of sirens and magical powers love stars I really impressed Bethany C Morrow s writing skills and looking forward to read of her works.Special thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Tom Doherty Associates Tor Teen to send this fantastic ARC to me in exchange my honest review. A Black siren living in Portland Holy shit Want.

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