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Blackwood Farm Lestat is back, saviour and demon, presiding over a gothic story of family greed and hatred through generations, a terrifying drama of blood lust and betrayal, possession and matricide Blackwood Farm with its grand Southern mansion, set among dark cypress swamps in Louisiana, harbours terrible blood stained secrets and family ghosts Heir to them all is Quinn Blackwood, young, rash and beautiful, himself a bloodhunter whom Lestat takes under his wing But Quinn is in thrall not only to the past and his own appetites but, even dangerously, to a companion spirit, a goblin succubus who could destroy him and others Only the unearthly power of Lestat combined with the earthly powers of the Mayfair clan could hope to save Quinn from himself and his ghosts, or to rescue the doomed girl Quinn loves from her own mortality Shocking, savage and richly erotic, this novel with the deceptively gentle title bring us Anne Rice at her most powerfully disturbing Here are vampires and witches, men and women, demons and a doppelganger, caught up in a maelstrom of death and destruction, blood and fire, cruelty and fate

About the Author: Anne Rice

Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O Brien is a best selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002 Her books have sold nearly 100 million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history.She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult themed fiction i.e., erotica and A.N Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado masochism.

10 thoughts on “Blackwood Farm

  1. Elena May Elena May says:

    This 3 star score I m giving to Blackwood Farm is by far the hardest rating I ve ever given, and I feel I should explain all my thoughts Warning this will be long This is a 9th book in a series, so the review is mainly targeted at people at least somewhat familiar with the Vampire C

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    This was the last straw in my decade long relationship with Anne Rice We had some good times but mutually decided to end our relationship I loved her three witch books but the vampire stuff had been going downhill since Body Thief.I hate this book After years of okay to disappointing novels,

  3. ✨Sumi& ✨Sumi& says:

    Better than some of the others.Quinn Blackwood is a newly made fledgling vampire He is trying to learn the ropes and rules of the covens But he also has a terrible demon on his back literally He seeks out the Vampire Lestat for help to rid himself of this otherworldly presence that has been with him

  4. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    Quinn can see ghosts and has been haunted his whole life by a particular tenacious spirit Now he has become a vampire, that spirit has turned violent and he turns to Lestat for guidance, after telling Lestat his life history At length and in great great detail.This book is labelled as a Vampire Chronicles nov

  5. Ali Ali says:

    This book sigh I have to say broke Anne Rice s spell over me Before this book I found all of her normal plot devices strange bedfellows, supernatural creatures, really long flashbacks, narcissism beguiling and entertaining But usually she chooses one or two of these things and shapes a really awesome story around it I

  6. Carolyn Seiver Carolyn Seiver says:

    Anne Rice is as brilliant and clever as ever,proving why she is the reigning Queen of vampire novels As an avid lover of all things vampire,I am extremely critical of stories of them Blackwood Farm is a wonderful addition to the Vampire Chronicles,which I felt suffered with Memnock the Devil.The story flows along with a dialog

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I did it wrong, all wrong This was the first Anne Rice book I read, not long after it came out But part of the wonder that is Anne Rice, is that you can almost jump in on this series at any point and still be in for a rip roaring and intense ride There were some things I didn t quite get until I read the rest, like some of the smaller

  8. Bloodorange Bloodorange says:

    I just can t and I won t This is full of every possible Anne Rice pathology to boot, to the extent when it feels like over the top fan fiction, including multiple instances of very questionable sexual racial class politics It has the charm of a train crash, but it ultimately proved too much.

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Refreshingly, a new story set almost entirely in the recent past, a new well, slightly related family with paranormal secrets to explore, and a new lovable vampire hero Tarquin Blackwood seeks out Lestat to tell his story and ask for help in banishing his lifelong companion, the spirit Goblin Tarquin s narrative meanders with Rice s usual rapt attention

  10. Jessica Halleck Jessica Halleck says:

    And the plunge downhill begins in earnest Lestat is empty the writing is horrible Only a waning sense of loyalty to Ms Rice kept me reading.

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