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Happily Ever Crowned: An Underworld Royal Tale (Underworld Royals Book 1) (English Edition) I doTwo words that signed over my soul to a monster, all to save a kingdom I knew little about This isn t a fairy tale No knights in shining armor, only kings fighting for power And my heart is the keyA game designed to shatter even the harshest of resolvesMy husband wants to debase me To break me To destroy my spirit To possess every inch of my soul through acts so heinous, I can hardly breathe And he s using six men to do it Including him Adrik, Prince of NoxiaDesireSuch a wicked twist of fate Happily Ever After may not exist here, but amorous energy rises after a night of unbridled passion A night I should hate, but don t A night I long to repeatI love youA statement I will never say Not even to him my dark prince who plays in the shadows, engaging me in a forbidden dance of hope and adoration He promises me a new crown, in exchange for my heartVengeanceI will not be ownedI will rise above them allAnd the only crown I will wear is the one drenched in their bloodAuthor s Note This is a dark paranormal romance Please read the author s note at the beginning available in the look inside feature if you have any concerns about dark content No permanent damage, Necros finally said She might be barren, but I want her alive Of course you do, I thought He wanted her power, same as I did So only leave wounds that will heal under immortality Again the question was for the benefit of our audience It would be such a shame to harm someone so gorgeousNecros nodded Blood is fine You can even break bone But only if she can recover without a scar If I can t breed her, I might as well use her body for other meansAnother benefit of having her trained, I supposedNot that I agreed with any of thisBut I had to play along to get what I needed her heartUnderstood, I murmured, tracing the tip of my dagger down her corseted top Her breathing remained steady as she floated in some faraway place, her imagination overtaking her reality Alas, I couldn t allow her to stay there I needed her focus and compliance to achieve my goal I want to teach you something, Valora, I said, my weapon nearing her belly button An important lesson on participation

6 thoughts on “Happily Ever Crowned: An Underworld Royal Tale (Underworld Royals Book 1) (English Edition)

  1. Louise Rhodes Louise Rhodes says:

    Happily Ever Crowned is one of those books that you didn t realise you needed in your life until you had read it and realised something had been missing.I absolutely adored it Bring on the demons and vampires of the Foss and Edwards universe because they are just hot and amazing.Amazing characters, amazing plot line, amazing world building, amazing authors.Happily Ever Crowned is sicken

  2. Amy Leech Amy Leech says:

    I won t lie, there are themes in this book that could potentially trigger a person who has survived domestic and sexual abuse That being said, a book about demons and the cruelty they thrive on isn t going to be sunshine and fluffy kittens Valora is put through pain that is almost impossible to conceive Yet she endures it all and finds deep within herself a power that allows her to fight

  3. Katie S. Katie S. says:

    This is perhaps the darkest story I ve read by Lexi Pairing with Anna has brought out a side of darkness and depravity in several of the characters that chill and draw you in.Valora is perhaps the most broken character I ve read in quite a while Married to the demon she was promised to and raised by since childhood Not one of love, but one to protect a kingdom she doesn t even know or rem

  4. Elisha Nelson Elisha Nelson says:

    A Dark Twisty FairytaleThat s right I said it, a fairytale I know the book s description says this is no fairytale, but the origins of true fairytales, like the ones told by authors such as the Grimm Brothers, were actually dark and disturbing With Happily Ever Crowned the authors have succeeded in crafting a modern version of a fairytale story that stays true to the origins of the genre s

  5. Gina Jacobson Gina Jacobson says:

    When they said this book was dark they were not lying.Its dark, depraved, hot as hell and you will devour it in one sitting.Lexi and Anna bring the Underworld to life in a new and terrifying way Their world building is rich and complex and leaves you wanting .With complex characters and twists and turns interspersed with erotic and debauched love scenes, you wont want to leave the Underworl

  6. Melissa Hedrick Melissa Hedrick says:

    I m in awe Serious awe Just the right amount of dark, mixed with vengeance, lust, justice and love Can t wait for the next book in the series Standalone with a HEA

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