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Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray Book 4 (A Victorian Mystery) (English Edition) A hugely entertaining Victorian mystery New York TimesI enjoyed this properly creepy and Gothic Ian RankinA CASE FOR FREY McGRAYThe Scottish Highlands,When a young heir receives a sinister death threat, Inspectors Frey and Nine Nails McGray answer a desperate plea to offer him protectionThe detectives travel north to the remote and misty Loch Maree, site of an ancient burial ground They must stay with the mysterious Koloman family any one of whom might be a suspectBut Frey and McGray have little time to get their bearings Even before they arrive the boys guardian is brutally murdered, and one thing becomes clear to the two detectives Someone is willing to kill to protect the secrets of Loch MareePraise for the Frey McGray series This is wonderful A brilliant, moving, clever, lyrical book I loved it Oscar de Muriel is going to be a name to watch Manda ScottFun to read and a fast page turner Love and murder they go together like strawberries and cream IndependentA brilliant mix of horror, history, and humour Genuinely riveting with plenty of twists, this will keep you turning the pages Its clever, occasionally frightening and superbly written Everything you need in a mystery thriller Crime ReviewFast paced, well researched and thoroughly spellbinding The mismatched pair is as entertaining as Holmes and Watson at their best Historical Novel Society

8 thoughts on “Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray Book 4 (A Victorian Mystery) (English Edition)

  1. Stein Stein says:

    Eigentlich finde ich Oscar de Muriels Reihe um die beiden Polizisten McGray und Frey im viktorianischen Edinburgh super Bis auf diesen Band Woran liegt das 1 Die Handlung ist konfus und verwirrend und scheint keinem logischen Faden zu folgen.2 Beide Polizisten handeln komplett au erhalb

  2. sadovidsporn.co Kunde sadovidsporn.co Kunde says:

    Okay, irgendwie hatte ich mir mehr erwartet Ich hatte auf irgendwas in Richtung Monster von Loch Maree getippt und die Fledermausgeschichte hat mich zwischenzeitlich fast etwas genervt Der vorherige Teil war besser.Das Ende des Buches ist dann aber wieder auf h chstem Niveau und die Recherche

  3. Dr. Mathias Borsch Dr. Mathias Borsch says:

    Another great novel Like the last ones, it is well researched and the plot is unravelled nicely Having been to Loch Marlee, I can almost picture events happening before my eyes.

  4. Lilith Lilith says:

    Ich liebe diese Buchreihe Die Story hielte mich am Laufen Ich mag die Mischung aus viktorianischen Zeitalter und Supernatural.

  5. Gerhard Nintz Gerhard Nintz says:

    I enjoyed the first quarter of the text, then, it just got confusing and annoying.

  6. Kate Seifert Kate Seifert says:

    I can t say much than that I love the fourth volume just like the other three Frey and McGray have made my last week colourful, exciting, sometimes sad, a bit eerie and absolutely worth living I enjoyed every line, I laughed and suffered with the inspectors, I couldn t stop reading with excitement and if I had

  7. Yuritwl Yuritwl says:

    So far I would say it is together with Book 2 the best book in the series Still the other Books are also great but this two have this special very dark tone but on the other side a great humor and finally after Book 3 some Character Development I really missed that in Book 3 we get to know McGray better and the end i

  8. Sharpie45 Sharpie45 says:

    Having read up about Oscar de Muriel, I don t doubt his chemical acuity, or the fact that he has visited Loch Maree, and researched the legends However, as a Highlander living very close to the area, I cannot help but feel that this novel is really aimed at the tartan tour bus brigade the folk who do not know Scotland apa

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