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Operation Hero's Watch (Cutter's Code Book 10) (English Edition) A shocking threat a brilliant dog thrilling fireworks in this Cutters Code romance from award winning author Justine DavisReunited in dangerand unforgettable attraction When a stalker haunts Cassidy Grants every move, she turns to someone who will keep her safe, Jace Cahill Pretty soon Jace realizes that his best friends little sister is all grown upand hes forced to confront every obstacle in his pastwith a little support from their constant canine companion, Cutter As a threat bears down on them, can sly Cutter stave off a deadly element and nudge Cassidy and Jace toward the scariest proposition of alla future together From Harlequin Romantic Suspense Danger Passion DramaCutters Code seriesBookOperation MidnightBookOperation ReunionBookOperation Blind DateBookOperation UnleashedBookOperation Power PlayBookOperation HomecomingBookOperation Soldier Next DoorBookOperation AlphaBookOperation NotoriousBookOperation Heros WatchBookOperation Second WatchBookOperation Mountain Recovery

11 thoughts on “Operation Hero's Watch (Cutter's Code Book 10) (English Edition)

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I have enjoyed another book in this series of Cutters Code I have been so engrossed in reading these books n this series that once again I had to finish reading it before I could put it down So please keep on writing this series, so I can keep on reading them I would definitely recommend this book and also this series to anyone who really likes a good story. For those who wants to start reading t

  2. politics-social-sciences.co Customer politics-social-sciences.co Customer says:

    Cutters Code great series.

  3. Paula B Paula B says:

    It nice to visit old friends and this book continues to bring the reader back to the Foxworth family, especially their dog Cutter While its doubtful, a dog would be this dedicated a matchmaker, he brings a little whimsy to each case the Foundation solves.

  4. Jackie Adams Jackie Adams says:

    Absolutely loved reading the latest in the Cutter Code Series Always enjoy reading about Cutter s recent antics and his match making skills.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I loved the book another great one I have read all the Cutter s code books Every one was great Cannot wait for 12

  6. Eileen Nystrom Eileen Nystrom says:

    Regret that there aren t Love the dog that sees and understands that some of the humans in the story

  7. 3 Manx Mom 3 Manx Mom says:

    The story was a little hard to follow, it seemed like you were supposed to take a lot for granted Not enough back story was provided.

  8. ChinaKyle ChinaKyle says:

    I love the story line Wishing I had a Cutter of my own I look forward to each and every story written by Justine Dare Keep up the excellent work.

  9. Connie Paruch Connie Paruch says:

    Great book

  10. charlie charlie says:

    was very exciting to read and was hard to put it down cause wanted to see what happened next in the story.

  11. Marguerite Brown Marguerite Brown says:

    I always love Cutter I want to have a dog like him.

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