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Raven One Hook Magazine review Raven One Kevin Miller Stealth Books,softcover,pagesOver the course of Naval Aviationsyear history, there have been relatively few novels that accurately and compellingly capture the essence of our Tailhook profession Kevin Millers Raven One is one of these compelling novels Set in the aftermath of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Raven One details the shipboard life and the operational flying experiences of a modern day Carrier Air Wing flying off of the fictional USS Valley Forge, a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier operating in the Persian Gulf The main character in Raven One is LCDR Jim Flip Wilson, an F A C pilot who is the Operations Officer of the VFARavens Flip is a hard charging, TOPGUN trained Otrying to balance the demands of being a top notch squadron department head and elite strike fighter pilot, all while still being a good shipmate, husband and father Flips task is madedifficult by the actions of his somewhat thin skinned and tyrannical XO, CDR Bill Saint Patrick who is constantly undercutting the Ravens well regarded Skipper, CDR Steve Cajun Lassiter Tailhookers of all generations will recognize Saints character he is that guy who could always be counted on to demoralize the Ready Room, spoil liberty plans and generally oppress his JOs while alienating all his fellow Senior Officers The author does a superlative job of weaving a narrative of these personal relationships and ready room dynamics in and around captivating depictions of the combat flight operations of a Super Carrier and the embarked Air Wing The strength of Raven One lies in this blend of personal interactions and gripping portrayals of operational flying The combat depictions are exceptionally realistic In particular, the author does a superb job detailing several Close Air Support CAS missions, accurately capturing the close kinship between pilots and the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers JTACs on the ground in Iraq In addition, there are some hair raising air to air engagements detailed throughout the course of the novel The author strikes a great balance between highly descriptive depictions of technical air operations and plain language explanations so that the non aviator can equally enjoy this entertaining read The inclusion of a glossaryof jargon and acronyms, along with a squadron roster that details the names, ranks and call signs of the officers in the Raven ready room, assists the reader in keeping track of the fast paced, dynamic action described in this novel I highly recommend this outstanding read Slick flying sequences and ready room drama aside, the author maintains a tight and suspenseful plot line that keeps the reader engaged throughout Tailhookers and non aviators alike will thoroughly enjoy this exceptional tale of courage and daring CAPT Sterling Sterls Gilliam, USN retCaptain Kevin Miller, ayear veteran of the US Navy, is a former tactical naval aviator and has flown the A E Corsair II and FAHornet operationally He commanded a carrier based strike fighter squadron in combat, and, during his career, logged over , carrier arrested landings, made possible as he served alongside outstanding men and women as part of a winning team Captain Miller lives and writes in Pensacola, Florida RAVEN ONE is his first novel

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