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This book had a totally different feel to it than The End of The World Running Club and The Last Dog on Earth Does this mean I enjoyed it less certainly not Adrian Walker is up there as one of my favourite authors, you know, the ones who you d happily read their shopping list His writing is so immersive and I loved losing myself in the pages of this book.The Other Lives central theme is reincarnation and the recollection of past lives to solve a current mystery but there is so much to the story and to reveal too many details would ruin the experience for others It is certainly a bit of a brain melter so be prepared This is by no means my favourite book by this author, but it is still excellent As with most of his books, you have a deeply flawed protagonist, struggling to get through an extraordinary set of circumstances But Walker remains a superb storyteller and I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone. This is a book that doesn t sit neatly into any particular genre Scifi without the science that would just be fi ok, the book is fiction Lets not get hung up on genres Walker introduces us to Elliot Childs, a thoroughly unlikable TV talk show host appealing to sort of baying studio audiences that make you despair for humanity Elliot Childs also despairs for humanity, but his reasons and motivations for being the objectionable person he has become, are intertwined with the person s he was I don t want to spoil it by saying any, read the book, its a brilliant story I wasn t sure what to expect from this one as I have got accustomed to the Dystopian, apocalyptic feel of Adrian s other books Suffice to say, I have not been able to put this one down Right from the first page, the book has a pace that draws you in Not just to the story line but also the characters I have read all of Adrian s books now, since stumbling across The End of the World Running Club The Other Lives has a different feel to it, compared with Adrian Walker s other publications, which I think is a credit to his ability to be diverse with his writing In short, this one has everything A gripping story line, intense characters and an absolutely brilliant take on an age old concept Fantastic Highly, highly recommended. From the author of The End of the World Running Club, a dark and gripping reincarnation tale perfect for fans of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustHow many times have you lived Once Twice A thousand TV host and London playboy Elliot Childs has a secret He can see into the mind of everyone he meets a useful ability when you re job is to destroy celebrities on live televisionBut when he stumbles upon a hundred year old photograph in which he sees himself as a boy, Elliot s gift spirals out of controlHis only hope to retain his sanity lies in the hands of a group of misfits who claim to have lived beforeand who know Elliot very wellCan Elliot discover the secret of the photograph, and of who he really is, before he loses his mind forever I was lucky enough to win a pre release copy of this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it No idea what to expect and thought it was amazing, read it first time in one go as was sucked into the story Needed second read to get all the twists and turns of the plot who was who, when and what was the impact and link within the overall story Great story and then there is an amazing twist to it at the end This is the world today, but not just today, yesterday as well well done Adrian Well worth the read. Another awesome and thought provoking book from this amazing man makes me look at the world and everything in it in a different way The way it should be and too often isn t Cannot recommend highly enough Truly life changing Thank you what nonsense,far to much rubbish talk,i love time travel, fantasy,thrillers,loads of grab you books however this book just went on and on about tat info rubbish,im surprised he did not explain in detail how to run a bath,the truth is go buy a bag of sweets before you waste your money on this waffle. Absolutely marvellous book funny, clever, thought provoking and very entertaining I bought this just before xmas and it gave me some happy peaceful times sneaking off from the family to read it. What a load of pretentious rubbish that started confusing and went nowhere in the end I was surprised that I stuck with it but it was just a bit to jumpy abouty It really made no sense and the ending was pants. The Other Lives

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Other Lives book, this is one of the most wanted Adrian J Walker author readers around the world.

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