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The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Millions have experienced the nine insights of The Celestine Prophecy and glimpsed the emerging world view that it describes Since its beginning as a word of mouth, self published book, The Celestine Prophecy has sold over five million copies in than forty countries from Australia to Germany, from America to Japan, becoming a number one New York Times and national bestseller Inspired by this book, individuals across the world have opened up to the experience of guiding coincidences in their lives, and to a new sense of personal destiny and mission Now, a new Insight is emerging In this exciting sequel, Charlene, the friend who first brought word that an ancient manuscript had been found in Peru, has suddenly disappeared while exploring an old growth forest deep in the Appalachian Mountains Here, in this rich setting of cathedral forests, wooded streams, and majestic waterfalls, your adventure in search of the Tenth Insight begins It is a trip that will take you through portals into other dimensions to memories of past experiences and other centuries to the moment before our conception and the birth vision we all experience to the passage of death and the life review we must all face to the self imposed isolation of hell, where fearful souls resist awakening and the love filled Afterlife dimension where the knowledge of human destiny is guarded and held And back on Earth, you will see the fear of the future that is endangering Earth s spiritual renaissance, and you will struggle to overcome this fear by exploring the nature of intuition, synchronicity, and visualization As you grasp the Tenth Insight, your memories will expand to include an understanding of the long expanse of human history and the special mission that we all share to bring humanity to its intended purpose And you will begin to answer, as never before, the unspoken questions that loom over all of human experience and in every human heart Why are we here What are we to do Where are we going Again, with words that resonate with our deepest intuitions and illuminate both the world outside us and within us, James Redfield offers us all a unique, revelatory, and ultimately joyful vision of human spirituality One that could change your life And perhaps, the world Look through the entire book and see if you can find a metaphor I only read the first 23 pages, but I figured that if I didn t see one by then, the metaphor would be as hard to find as a sober college student at the homecoming tailgate party That a novel so devoid of LITERARY INSIGHT can live on the bestseller rack for months should tell us how much we missed in high school English class J A Kemp, Jr. The Celestine Prophecy was a very thought provoking book The Tenth Insight, however, has crossed the line between thought provoking and a bad movie While The Celestine Prophecy pushed the intellectual envelope when it got to the Ninth Insight being able to physically disappear , the message and structure of the other eight insights expanded the understanding of how humans interact The Tenth Insight takes the metamorphosis of humanity to a new level of idiocy where people centered enough can actually cross over to the Afterlife, seeing what others are hoping to make of their lives before they are reincarnated, and how humanity will achieve this awakaning through love Somewhere between page one and the end, this book starts weak, and then collapses upon itself in a rather agonizingly slow process Save your money, stick to The Celestine Prophecey. Normally I only read non ficition books because there are so many good non ficitoin books that I am learning from A few years ago I decided to read a fiction book because of a recommendation from a good friend It was the Celestine Prophecy and I thoroughly enjoyed it When I heard of The Tenth Insight I felt it was a good time to read a second fiction book However I was truly disillusioned I tried twice to read the book I eventually got half way through the book I could not understand the book I tried it twice I got nothing out of it I read an average of 45 minutes every morning at 5 to 6am I have read over 450 non fiction books but only one book and a half of fiction. I ve often felt that we focus too much on the Bad and Frightening things that coud happen to humanity.This book addresses exactly that I really recommend it to anyone, but especially those who find themselves despairing of Governments, organisations, criminals etc.Another dose of hope from James Redfield. I have read most of the Celestine Prophecy series They are easy to read and teach great lessons about life I very highly recommend them. Couldn t put this book down, a Great follow up to the Celestine Prophesy, did not disappoint looking forward to reading the next book, James Redfield is bye dad one of the 20th Centuries greatest authors Als aufmerksame, ja begeisterte Leserin des ersten Buches dieser Reihe, The Celestine Prophecy, das mich mit au ergew hnlichen Denkanst en und Einsichten faszinierte, mu ich sagen, da das Anschlu werk mich doch eine wesentlich kritischere Haltung einnehmen l t Was im ersten Buch noch inspirierend und motivierend wirkte, ger t in der Fortsetzung zu einer Denkschiene, der vielleicht nicht jeder unbedingt folgen m chte Das Leben nach dem Tod und die Wiedergeburt werden nicht als zu berdenkende M glichkeiten vorgeschlagen, sondern als gegeben vorausgesetzt, was f r mich pers nlich ein schwerverdaulicher Schritt zuviel ist Dennoch werden auch in The Tenth Insight interessante neue berlegungen zu Konzepten wie Medizin oder Angst pr sentiert Ein weiteres Highlight, das mich bereits an The Celestine Prophecy begeisterte, ist auch in diesem Band wieder der Blick auf die Geschichte der menschlichen Entwicklung und die Fragen, die aus ihr resultieren Deutlich mehr als zuvor mu te ich jedoch die wirklich inspirierenden Ideen aus dem entt uschend eng umrissenen und beraus gewagten Drumherum herausfiltern Eine Arbeit, die sich dennoch gelohnt hat.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision book, this is one of the most wanted James Redfield author readers around the world.

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