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The Twelfth Tablet (English Edition) Had the story been longer and Tom Harper had opportunity to develop his themes of mystery, death and the afterlife I would have enjoyed The Twelfth Tablet than I did There s nothing wrong with the story, it s quite good, but for me the overall plot felt rushed This is the first in what I assume will be a series of 12, each tablet has it s own story to tell, and sets the scene for the rest of the collection I enjoyed the overall sense of ancient mystery and Tom Harper has added some clever and complicated twists and turns around the completely inexplicable I enjoyed the read, my negative is just that the story s so short I reached the end before I d had chance to involve myself with the plot A free download a taster is a clever way to hook in new readers and The Twelfth Tablet is certainly worth a read. Brilliant, but much too short, I wanted a lot to happen but I dont think that was the point The knife edge finish left me hanging, perhaps Tom Harper will go back to the great story. This started brilliantly throwing us into the action from page 1 but unfortunately much to my displeasure it finished in mid story Obviously a ploy to get you interested in the series but I do feel the author should have mentioned in the description that it was a short very short story and not full length as I thought.That said though it has peeked my interest and thus done its job.Recommended reading if free to get the start of this new series under your belt Okay, it is only a taster so you don t get to fully appreciate how it might develop on the palate I would hazard a guess that Tom Harper has been done a disservice by releasing this 42 pager, as I think the follow up s may be a lot better The writing style is familiar to people like me who enjoy this type of book and is as easy to settle into as a memory foam mattress.There is not much else to add but I think I will persevere and buy the next one in the series. Having read Tom Harper previously, I was disappointed in this It was short and simplistic No sooner had I got into the crux of the story that it was coming to an end. Potentially good story spoiled.The whole thing is too rushed and there are gaping holes in the storyline leaving you to try to make the connections.This should have been a full length book It could still have been fast paced but the storyline would have been complete with the characters being fully developed Very average read and predictable not so much a short as a memo the author wrote in his lunch hour whilst eating his lunch. Twelve golden tablets sit in museums around the world, each created by unknown hands and buried in ancient times, and each providing the dead with the route to the afterlife Each has taken its own journey, and each has its own story to tell This is one of those stories First time I ve read any of Harper s books A fast paced page turner that took me about an hour to read Great twist at the end Will definitely be reading of his. A good read, but a bit on the short side, felt like I didn t get chance to know the character and get involved with the plot before book had finished.

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