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The Wych Elm: The Sunday Times bestseller (English Edition) From the writer whose novels inspired the BBCs Dublin Murders TV series One of the most compulsive psychological mysteries since Donna Tartts The Secret History THE TIMES An engrossing, unpredictable, beautifully written mystery SOPHIE HANNAH Dark and twisty SUNDAY TIMESMesmerising GILLIAN FLYNNIm a big fan of Tana French IAN RANKIN WHAT DO WE HIDE INSIDE OURSELVES One night changes everything for Toby Hes always led a charmed life until a brutal attack leaves him damaged and traumatised, unsure even of the person he used to be He seeks refuge at his familys ancestral home, the Ivy House, filled with memories of wild strawberry summers and teenage parties with his cousinsBut not long after Tobys arrival, a discovery is made a skull, tucked neatly inside the old wych elm in the gardenAs detectives begin to close in, Toby is forced to examine everything he thought he knew about his family, his past, and himselfA spellbinding book from a novelist who takes crime writing and turns it inside out, The Wych Elm asks what we become, and what were capable of, if we no longer know who we areThe Wych Elm should cement Frenchs place in the first rank of great literary novelists ObserverThis book confirms Tana French as crime fictions biggest contemporary star GuardianLyrical, suspenseful, unpredictable Harlan Coben French offers a masterclass in unreliabilitySunday Times Terrific terrifying, amazing, and the prose is incandescent Stephen KingAnother one of her rich psychological thrillers that will work its way under your skin Lucy Mangan, StylistTo say Tana French is one of the great thriller writers is really too limiting Rather shes simply this a truly great writer Gillian FlynnThis mystery about family, memory and the cracks in both will haunt you for a long, long time Erin Kelly An absolute masterpiece says John Byrne the cheque s in the post, John.I m posting a review of the physical book first before I read it later see below I m really annoyed I ve never posted a review of a book before reading it, but I feel I have a right to in this case.Tana French is one of my favourite authors and I m expecting a great story My one star slagging off has nothing to do with her work, it s all about cost cutting by Penguin Viking Back in the day, a hardback book, newly released, was a thing to admire, to hold with pride They often smelt nice, too But this This looks like a re cycled book that s already 30 years old It s small, for a start, almost pocket sized, and while some will find that convenient, if I wanted convenience I would have ordered it for my Kindle No, I wanted a well made, large hardback book and having paid top money for it on publication date I think I am entitled to that It s what I ve received on countless previous occasions.So Tana If you re reading this, this is not a criticism of your latest novel, which I fully expect to be a special reading experience Thanks to Penguin Viking however, it will be a constant distraction to hold such a cheap and nasty book If the publishers would like to send me a decent quality copy as a replacement, I will delete this review Update I have now read the book in full, and I didn t like it at all Characters were uninteresting such that I didn t care what happened to them one way or another Writing style was bland and the story unengaging The overall impression was that someone else wrote this, because it wasn t like a Tana French novel at all I ve given every other novel she has written 5 stars I ve read every single one , but this is utterly different in every way and I just hope that she returns to form next time around with the kind of work she is than capable of I must repeat that Tana French has been one of my most highly rated novelists of the past decade, but it this had been my first experience of her work, I doubt that I would try again Fortunately she has an outstanding back catalogue and if you have yet to try any of her previous books, you re in for a treat This one, however, is a dud. cannot understand why this book is so pricey I am now over Tana French I read In the Woods and enjoyed it very much Off the back of that experience I tried The Secret Place and gave up halfway through I took one chance as the newly published The Wych Elm has been marketed with such glowing accolades I fell for the hype This is not a terrible novel, but the story is buried under French s serious problem with over writing There is too much irrelevant detail piled into every scene, that you sometimes give up hope that the story will ever progress As one reviewer has commented, at times I felt I d been reading the book for weeks without getting anywhere This novel could have been pared down by at least 200 hundred pages, and been much better for the cuts Other reviewers have summarized the plot, so I won t bother but if you do choose to read this novel you must approach it with the patience of a saint There is a story in there, but it takes awhile to emerge Tana French is bloody good, and The Wych Elm is bloody brilliant Comparisons to The Secret History are inevitable, given the privileged lives of the characters but the book reminded me of Barbara Vine s sensationally good A Fatal Inversion In its way, The Wych Elm is every bit the equal of both, drawing the reader in, and teasing out the truths and consequences behind whodunnit Beautifully written and expertly paced, this is the perfect fireside read. Despite the constant fanfare from about sensational new authors Tana French is to my mind, the only really exciting new thriller writer to emerge over the last decade or so I was delighted to hear the she was writing a standalone novel, because much as I enjoyed her Dublin police squad books, I felt that they had really run their course and it was time for something new From the first word I was totally absorbed in the story and wished that it would never end However by the actual end I was feeling that the book had outstayed it s welcome, missed it s natural conclusion and dragged on to a miserable ending which left me feeling diminished and sorry that I had invested so much time and money in it The last time I felt like this was when I watched the film Awakenings I totally appreciated the point that French makes early on in the novel that it is easy for some people to be happy go lucky and not worry too much because they know their natural attributes cushion of financial security or both will ensure that they will end up on their feet I have commented on this myself in the past I totally got how Toby s perspective changed once he found himself an object of pity derision no longer the alpha male in charge of every situation I did feel, however, that she did hammer this point home a time too often and personally I didn t feel it was fair that Toby ending up bearing the burden of guilt that he did sure he took his charmed life for granted but who doesn t and as far as I can see the majority of teenagers are pretty much self absorbed and oblivious to what is going on in other people s lives.The pacing of the book is a little off for me After a tense and gripping first chapter, the whole thing slows down a lot when Toby and Melissa start living at Hugo s, and even after the grim discovery they make shortly after, the book still has long slow sections where nothing much happens Hate to say this but at the least the police procedural format gave her books some kind of structure which is sorely missing here The outcome of the murder plot comes far too soon I was left looking at the amount left to go on my kindle and thinking where do we go from here Well then comes another violent surprise which leads the book in quite another direction French does her best with it, but it s a misguided plot twist, in my opinion, like something you d find in some dire free on KU thriller.Weirdly, I usually enjoy books with a depressing subject matter, but there needs to be something hopeful for the reader to catch hold of and the dreary pointless ending here left me feeling quite dejected and yes I do appreciate that s a tribute to French s talent that it affected me so much After all that gloom and doom it would have been nice to have a hopeful ending The rest of my comments I will put in the notes to avoid spoilers. I thought this was book so so boring None of the characters were sympathetic.They were all 2 dimensional The main protagonist, Toby, was particularly dull as well as his wimpy girlfriend.The plot meandered all over the place and by about half way through I just did not care who had done the deed The big reveal at the end was nonsensical as well as the additional event no spoilers I did not like the language used The characters seem to all speak to each other in a far too jocular way including the police officers.Save your money and buy something with intrigue and pace. Felt like I d finished a marathon by the end of this Exhausted but not elated Was looking forward to this as a great holiday read but no.Disappointing as I ve read a few Tana French and they re good.This needed some proper editing not just for length but for some really clunky plot howlers early on that I found impossible to reconcile and the kind that leaves you perpetually irritated and shouting but X and Y would have asked those questions back then etc etc and because the book hinges on past these past events you can t help but be weighed by implausible nature of everything Add to that the fact that it s way too dialogue heavy and it s all seen through the perspective of a really dull main character We are constantly being told that he s charming and likeable which is how he sails through life but he s not If you met him at a party you d politely excuse yourself and pretend you d seen a long lost friend over in the corner. Wer die Dublin Murder Squad stories liebt, wird bei Wych Elm eher entt uscht sein.Nach gutem Start wurde das Buch f r mich immer langweiliger Ein ewiges family chit chat und man wei nicht so recht, ob die Story schon begonnen hat oder nicht Gegen Mitte des Buches eine unerwartete Entwicklung und kurzzeitig blitzt Tana French Spannung auf, wie man sie kennt Aber dann Naja F r mich jedenfalls ein entt uschendes Buch. I m afraid that I must echo the comments of a number of other reviewers This is my first Tana French book and unfortunately it will be my last It is 300 pages too long its length not being justified by development of character or plot or revelation of motive The central cast are unbelievable and as uninteresting as the same in Donna Tartt s Secret History and equally self absorbed The ancillary characters are padding and cliched..guess what nice old Uncle HugoLike another reader I m not sure what the chapters are for, they are long but add nothing to the novel s structure Perhaps they just help to break up the tedium I too, on resuming reading, had to go back an refresh myself on what had happened when I put the book down.I persevered and finished the book but was left wondering what else I could have done with the time.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Wych Elm: The Sunday Times bestseller (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Tana French author readers around the world.

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