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Vathek: Die Geschichte des Kalifen Vathek: Eine arabische Erzählung William Thomas Beckford war ein englischer Exzentriker, haupts chlich bekannt als Schriftsteller und Baumeister Dar ber hinaus war er auch Kritiker, Sammler und Politiker Sein Roman Vathek beeinflusste Byron, Poe, Carl Einstein, Gottfried Benn und H P Lovecraftschrieb er auf Franz sisch in einer einzigen, drei Tage und zwei N chte dauernden Anstrengung das Buch, auf welchem sein literarischer Ruhm ausschlie lich beruht Vathek, die Geschichte des Kalifen Vathek, der einen so hohen Turm baut, dass er von ihm aus alle K nigreiche der Welt berwachen kann Als er einen Abgesandten des B sen trifft und dessen Verlockungen erliegt, ergreift das B se am Ende von ihm Besitz und setzt sein Herz auf ewig in Flammen

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  1. A. Wolf A. Wolf says:

    William Beckfords 1786 erschienener Roman Vathek, an Arabian Tale z hlt zu den fr hsten Werken im Genre der Gothic Novel Aber nicht nur zu den fr hsten, sondern auch zu den gewagten Die Eigenart der ersten Schauerromane ist es, dass sie in der Regel an exotischen Orten spielen, die in einer entfernten Vergangenheit liegen Man denke etwa an Horace W

  2. mp mp says:

    Beckford s Vathek is the tale of Vathek, a Caliph from the near east, for whom gluttony is a way of life He partakes of everything to extremes in his marvelous palace food, wine, women, and most importantly, knowledge His mother Catharis encourages and fosters his love of the dark arts, by which he comes to summon a Giaour, a foul demon.The Giaour p

  3. Louise Dana Louise Dana says:

    Beckford s story is what is known as an Oriental tale it falls into the sub division known as Satanic The reader will easily see why Vathek kills casually, his mother Carathis positively gleefully they hold traffic with evil spirits, Carathis raising them up when necessary What they do, they do to gain access to the Palace of Subterranean Fire This s

  4. Elena Elena says:

    A delight of five senses, whose blending of Gothic novel and oriental exoticism makes the reader have an inebriating experience Lewis s THE MONK, another masterpiece of early Gothic literature, sounds like a soft novel compared to Vathek A very intense, male Gothic tale which keeps our nerves absolutely tense until the last minute because of being so

  5. EssE EssE says:

    Un capolavoro per la morale, triste ma veritiera, che e implicita nell essere umano Vicende dallo sfondo Orientale in un epoca remota ma non troppo distante da noi, sicuramente una lettura che consiglio per il suo valore storico ma soprattutto per gli importanti significati che trasmette.

  6. alessandro alessandro says:

    Letto tutto d un fiato, d altronde il libro alquanto ridotto Era introvabile, ma grazie ad sono riuscito ad averlo ed a leggerlo Finalmente.

  7. Salammbô Salammbô says:

    Une superbe criture, une intrigue excellente

  8. II II says:

    Je ne connaissais pas du tout Beckford.Finalement l histoire de Vatek est EXCELLENTE.Ca se lit tr s bien et on s accroche tr s vite l histoire.Le seul moins ce n est pas un format de poche.

  9. Chromeheart Chromeheart says:

    First off THIS IS A SATIRE, PEOPLE.Vathek is such an anachronistic disaster that it barely makes sense, but worth reading for its historical significance I cannot believe the number of negative reviews from people who obviously couldn t grasp the fact that Vathek is a satire You the reader are not supposed to sympathize with Vathek or approve of his action

  10. icdbeez icdbeez says:

    Vathek is a Caliph who didn t learn to rule his kingdom well, or how to behave correctly He is primarily concerned with indulging his five senses He is a sybarite Extravagance being his native way, he builds five palaces onto the existing palace one to over indulge each of his five senses to the point of satisfaction Only Vathek is never really satisfied by

  11. arnyfors arnyfors says:

    With a predictably four ending, this gothic tape is one of the originals, having been published in 1786 It gives firm evidence that the dark impulse has always been part of humanity The language is charming, the settings suitably foreboding and dangerous, and the supernatural suitably creepy Excellent

  12. Joshua Valin Joshua Valin says:

    VATHEK is considered a gothic novel, but there it little gothic about it There are no churches or castles, and the maiden does not run from the caliph for long However, there are a great many supernatural elements taken from Arab mythology, at least as they were understood by William Beckford These elements may make this tale worth reading some 230 or so year

  13. Wyote Wyote says:

    The tale of the caliph Vathek is certainly the strangest thing I ve read lately, and that is an accomplishment since it had to beat outThe Blind Owl no mean feat, that.I think I would be doing anyone a disservice to spoil the plot, especially since it doesn t make much sense anyway I will give away that it is basically a variation of the Faust legend, with hug

  14. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I read a lot of different kinds of books, but this one was really different.

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